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Client Transformation Stories


Client Transformation Story
Lola, CEO & Founder of Alma Feliz Group
New York City

“I never felt judged. I felt very comfortable knowing that we're going to get to an endpoint. I knew that what we were talking about wasn't just going to be floating in the air or that it was just novel. It's very solution oriented in a lot of ways, too. People should give it a try because if you're like me...I feel like I’ve read every self help book. I've done the yoga. I've meditated. I have mentors. And so in the little time that we've had together with our sessions, I feel like I've had more breakthroughs in my healing process than anything else that I've done. And that means a lot to me."

Client Transformation Story
Amy, Human Happiness Expert & Founder of Attainable

"First off, I felt so supported throughout the whole process. Nicole and I don't know each other that well, but I felt an immediate connection and immediate trust from her which was really helpful for me as I wanted to get a deeper understanding of how I approach and respond in relationships. I was able to go back to a time in high school, which was really dark for me, but the way Nicole guided me through the process and supported me through the hypnosis session -- really allowed me to go deep and go to a dark place. But then seamlessly guided me out of it, coming out on the other side and feeling enlightened and accepting of myself in the process. The session went quickly. It did not feel like a full hour. However, we really made some breakthroughs. And since our session, I have been able to embrace and accept myself, and I am now ready to move forward and step into relationships. I would not have been able to do this work and walk forward with the mindset and power that I have now without a hypnosis session. I have tried therapy, which was very helpful, but it did not get to the root of this issue or this dark thing that I was holding on to, and I was able to break through that."

Private Client, New Jersey

Two years ago, I needed a shortcut to a better mental state, and to say that Nicole delivered is an understatement. I made more progress with her in two sessions than I had in 4 years of very pricy Manhattan therapy. I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I kept interrupting to ask, ‘Is there like anything else I need to do?’ Nope. ‘Am I really better?’ Yep. ‘Will it last?’ Incredibly, two years later, I can confirm: yes.

I came to Nicole out of curiosity but without a lot of hope. I was burned-out at work, disconnected from my family, and full of the self-loathing that a lifetime of depression and anxiety will gift you. It just seemed like I had too many problems, and yet I work in tech, so theoretically all problems should be solvable, even if you don’t have the tools yet. I figured she might have some tools I didn’t have. Maybe she would at least help me triage a few of the bigger issues, so that I could at least keep limping along.

I want to say also: I’m pretty rational, and I was concerned about hypnosis being adjacent to psychic nonsense or something cultish, and was thus a little anxious to meet Nicole and a bunch of vague witchery, but from the start, she struck me as totally professional, pleasant, sane, intuitive and intelligent. She also never asked me to surrender or do anything oddball or uncomfortable. She just asked me to listen and to use my imagination. I was totally aware and empowered during each session. The only thing strange was the aftermath: the same people and problems were now totally manageable and a little delightful. I looked in the mirror and even my face seemed different: who was this confident, relaxed, warm person?

At the end of our second session, I expressed surprise that I was running out of problems. I’d never considered that I had a finite list. She thought this was hilarious. ‘Do I have to do anything else to heal?’ I asked her. She laughed, ‘You’re healed. You’re fine!’ This was astonishing to hear, more so to feel. I still remember going out into the backyard to play catch with my son, and feeling—how I’ve always wanted to feel as a parent: lighter, very present, very patient. Overnight, I just started feeling like Good News, rather than Bad News, if that makes sense. And it is even more astonishing two years later as my relationships – to myself, my work and the people I love – have remained transformed.

Seriously, consider this. I wish I’d discovered it about twenty years ago.

Client Transformation Story
Kayla, Author and Host of The Wellness Glow Up Podcast

"I had tried many spiritual modalities like Reiki and even general talk therapy, trying to clear a lot of money and abundance blocks. And I told her [Nicole] I felt like I was on one side of a clear plastic wall where I could see the other side, but I couldn't get to it. And so with my sessions with Nicole, she literally led me through a very, like Narnia-ish experience, where I went to see my subconscious, it was so warm and so comfortable, and just really released a lot of the stuff that I didn't know that I was holding on to...But since then [the session], I have been able to receive. She gave me a bunch of homework in terms of practicing receiving as that was, like a big piece of my money and abundance issues, and I continue to practice those. Quite frankly, my abundance, I mean, money has probably doubled at this point in terms of like money, opportunities, money coming in. It's been absolutely phenomenal."


Chris, UK

“I experienced a virtual session with Nicole to help me feel calmer during a high-pressure work situation. She is a really skilled listener and really connects with her clients. A wonderful person and so intelligent. I felt a sense of relief after just one session, and she armed me with tools to help me in-between our sessions. I’m so glad I reached out to her for this help. She is brilliant.”

(Google Review)


Roseanne, Kyle, TX

Not being able to wear a facial mask was keeping me a prisoner at home. I had panic attacks every time I tried [to leave the house]. After my sessions, I'm was able to wear a mask in the house, then for a walk down the block, and I am now going to the market!!”


Alexa, Los Angeles

“After just an hour, I left feeling relaxed, in control and in possession of the tools I needed to continue addressing the issues on my own. I would 100% recommend Nicole Hernandez, The Traveling Hypnotist, to anyone.”

(Google Review)

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