The Female Quotient Shelley Zalis x Nicole Hernandez, NYC Hypnotist Interview

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In March 2022, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Shelley Zalis from The Female Quotient. She is is an internationally renowned thought leader, movement maker, and champion of equality.

Before the LinkedIn Live interview officially started, Shelley shared her personal experience with stage hypnosis with me. I was tickled by her memory of this experience because she was actually just sitting in the crowd watching others being hypnotized when she felt herself “go under.”

But here’s the thing, people often confuse stage hypnosis with clinical hypnosis (or hypnotherapy). While they both utilize a state of focused attention, the intention of each is very different.

During this interview, I shared:

  • How hypnosis/hypnotherapy is different that stage hypnosis

  • How hypnosis can be used for healing anxiety

  • How hypnosis helped me overcome anxiety that was rooted in childhood experiences


Watch it now!