Transformation Stories: Lola Linarte Takes A Brave Leap To Start A Full-Service Creative & Marketing Agency + Live Her Best Life

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Lola Linarte never thought she would be the type of woman to leave behind a fiancé and stable job, but when it became clear that she wasn't truly happy, she took the brave leap. Today, she is the CEO/founder of Alma Feliz Group, and she's also modeling and acting! After allowing the space to focus on herself, she fell in love with a man who had been a long-time friend. 

During this interview with Lola, we cover:

  • The major life changes Lola was experiencing and how she felt. 
  • Her initial perception of hypnosis as a Vegas sideshow and what she experienced during our sessions. 
  • How TTH Sessions compare to other inner healing offerings.


What was it specifically that made you decide to try a TTH Session?

I've gone through some major life changes over the last year. And specifically, I ended a long relationship, an engagement, quit my job, and started my own company in a very short amount of time. So I was in a space where I thought, I'm going to say yes to new opportunities; my personality lends itself to trying new things. 

But this was so far out of my scope that I think that if I hadn't gone through these major things, I wouldn't have been in a space to be curious enough to try it. And try something I hadn't to get into a better space.


What did that feel like for you when you were in that space of making all these changes?

That's such a really good question. Because I felt everything and nothing. I felt so anxious. But, I am anxious all the time, right? You know, we live in New York, and everything's happening all at once. And we're just trying to connect the dots and chase, chase, chase. But with this, I was sitting in these very deep, painful lost emotions. And I couldn't see a clear path forward. I couldn't see the next step for myself, and I couldn't really begin to understand, how to even talk about it. And because I had made these choices for myself. So in a lot of ways, I felt like I had to be pretty diplomatic about just processing these things. And I didn't really give myself the permission to feel a lot. But in my quiet times, I just thought there were a lot of feelings of grief and loss. There are a lot of feelings of uncertainty. 

I lost so much sleep, but I was making unhealthy choices. I was not working out anymore, and just losing myself and a lot of nights out a lot of drinking a lot of eating just food to satiate, you know, myself or just like numb myself in a lot of ways. 


You had mentioned you equated hypnosis to a Vegas sideshow. So, what was the experience like for you?

When I was in it, it was so calming. I went in with such an open heart and open mind that I had the experience with you, and I felt like I was talking to one of my friends and that there was no judgment. It was just a lot of clarity. And there were so many aha moments in our time together in our first session that I really did get thrown because I am a big deep feeler, but I'm not a big crier. And I cried during that session, and I found myself even apologizing to you. But, it was just like a conversation. I just felt like you were my, my friend, my sister, my auntie, and I; you were helping me just get unstuck. 


What do you want to share with people who are hesitant to consider a TTH Session?

Yeah, I want people who are on the fence about hypnosis or have tried it with others to recognize that it's like anything else. You have to find the right fit. And, you have to find someone gifted in it, yes, and who can also understand you and vibe with you. And I think that you're so great because I never felt unsafe. I never felt judged. I felt very comfortable knowing that we would get to an endpoint. 

I knew that what we were talking about was not going to be floating in the air or that it was just novel, that it's very solution-oriented in a lot of ways, too. So people should give it a try. Because, if you're like me, I've read every self-help book. I've done the yoga, I've meditated. I have mentors, And so in the little time that we've had together with our sessions, I feel like I've had more breakthroughs in my healing process than anything else that I've done. That means a lot to me. 

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Transformation Stories is a series created to celebrate the meaningful success of high achievers who are doing the inner work to help them journey beyond their fears. Not only do they share their experience with TTH, but it is my intention for you to know that transformation is possible for you!

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