Healing Hypnosis at Mayflower Inn & Spa - August 20th and 21st

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Take some time for yourself this summer and join me, Nicole Hernandez, The Traveling Hypnotist, at the luxurious Mayflower Inn and Spa, just a two-hour drive from New York City. Tucked away in the idyllic town of Washington, Connecticut, this is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and boost your self-confidence with healing hypnosis.

You'll enjoy exploring the beautiful grounds and rejuvenating spa treatments. The delicious food and comfortable accommodations will make you feel at home. So join me for an unforgettable weekend of relaxation and renewal. You deserve it!


Poolside Group Hypnosis

If you haven't experienced healing hypnosis, this is your chance. You'll be guided into a state of relaxation where you can let go of stress and negative thoughts. The focus of the session is on healing and self-empowerment, and you'll emerge feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you're looking for a unique way to relax and heal, sign up for this poolside group hypnosis session.

Saturday, August 20th or Sunday, August 21st at 8 a.m.

$50 per person

Book with THE WELL team for Mayflower Inn & Spa at 860.619.7016


1:1 TTH Sessions 

If you're looking to truly transform your life, a one-on-one True Trance-formation Healing (TTH) session may be right for you. TTH is a conversational hypnosis process that helps you release the emotional blocks holding you back, getting to the root of the issue. I'll help you explore the depths of your unconscious mind, uncovering the beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck. We'll then work together to create a new narrative for your life - one that is in alignment with your highest self. The changes you'll experience as a result of our work together will be profound. 

See the 1:1 Session options here!

Book with THE WELL team for Mayflower Inn & Spa at 860.619.7016


Next Steps 

  • If you're not sure if a TTH Session would be right for you, please book a free consultation so we can discuss your issue in advance. 
  • Contact THE WELL today to claim a spot for the Poolside Group Hypnosis or to schedule a 1:1 TTH session from August 20-21, 2022. Book with THE WELL team for Mayflower Inn & Spa at 860.619.7016. (You are NOT required to stay at the hotel to book services at THE WELL.)
  • Visit Mayflower Inn & Spa to book your accommodations and restaurant reservations.