Modern Hypnosis That Gets You Moving Beyond Your Inner Blocks

The TTH Method™ helps you

overcome social anxiety get over an ex manage stress deepen relationships change careers become confident

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Modern Hypnosis That Gets You Moving Beyond Your Inner Blocks To Success!

The TTH Method help you

address sleep issues stop overeating manage stress find love + deepen relationships change careers reduce alcohol consumption

It’s Time To Take On the World With Clarity & Ease


Everyone perceives you as top performer. You have an affluent lifestyle that includes travel, luxurious dinners, and cultural experiences. But deep inside, you feel like true success is always one step away, and you can't seem to reach it no matter how hard you try.

If this sounds like you, the TTH Method™ will get you moving forward in your career, relationships, health, and legacy.

This accelerated inner-change process positively impacts your thoughts, habits, beliefs, and identity to break through old limitations with clarity and ease.


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"Two years ago, I needed a shortcut to a better mental state, and to say that Nicole delivered is an understatement. I made more progress with her in two sessions than I had in 4 years of very pricy Manhattan therapy. I couldn’t believe how simple it was. Seriously, consider this. I wish I’d discovered it about twenty years ago.

Private Client - New Jersey

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Developed by Nicole Hernandez, The Traveling Hypnotist, TTH Method™ is an accelerated inner-change process that positively impacts your thoughts, habits, beliefs, and identity.

It gets you moving towards living a life you love!

The philosophy is founded on ancient healing practices and directed by the latest neuroscience & psychology research. 

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I'm Nicole, The Traveling Hypnotist

Before becoming a top Board Certified Hypnotist and Resident Healer for the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, I was a lot like my clients -- working in corporate and trying to find happiness by doing and achieving more.

I struggled with anxiety, social anxiety, and negative body image. I know what it's like to try and do things perfectly to avoid judgment and rejection. I know what it's like to stay in toxic work environments and relationships because underneath it all you want to "prove" yourself.

In the past, I tried talk therapy. I attended Tony Robbins events. I learned and taught yoga. Yet, something was still missing. I knew I needed a deeper approach to address the negative thoughts and feelings that invaded me, which brought me to hypnotherapy.


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If you're more advanced in your spiritual journey, The Time Traveler can help you explore past lives. In doing so, you can release energetic ties to the past that no longer serve you.

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