Named in the New York Post as a “Top NYC Hypnotist for Stressed-Out Execs”

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New-York-Post-Names -Top-NYC-Hypnotist-for-Stressed-Out-Execs”



Recently, I was named one of the best NYC hypnotists for stressed-out execs by the New York Post. It blows my mind to think about this because I was battling anxiety just years ago. 


Dealing with crippling anxiety sucks. There's no other way to say it. I remember feeling like I was constantly moving through quicksand — as soon as I made progress in my career, I'd experience more panic attacks and sleepless nights. 


Honestly, I didn't consider hypnosis as an option until I was really sick. Don't make this same mistake! 


Please watch this video as I share my former struggle with anxiety. Moving through my journey has shown me that it's possible for our struggle to become our superpower. 


How to Get Started With Hypnosis for Anxiety

If you're new to hypnosis or working with me, I suggest looking at my FREE FROM ANXIETY program. This is a six-week 1:1 journey that is designed to address the root cause of your anxiety. To get started, you'll book a complimentary discovery call with me so that we can ensure this is the best option for you.